Quattro opinioni sul significato di Demand generation, Lead generation e Lead management

Quattro opinioni sul significato di Demand generation, Lead generation e Lead management

Nel precedente post ho segnalato la confusione che esiste sul significato di Demand generation, Lead generation e Lead management.

Recentemente ho provato a formulare la seguente domanda al gruppo “DemandGen Specialists” del social network LinkedIn:



Which is the difference between demand generation, lead generation and lead management?


“I think there is a reasonable amount of confused semantics in the lead processing world. For example:
Lead generation is the same thing of lead management? Or is a phase of lead management? Or is the process that captures a name to put into your database?
And does Demand generation include lead generation and lead management?” 

Ho ricevuto questi quattro commenti:



Robert Drew

Online Marketing Manager at emedia Lead Generation


“We see lead generation and demand generation used very interchangeably in the marketplace. In our minds (OK, in my mind, but I’m going out on a limb and speaking on behalf of others at my company, who would mostly corroborate), demand generation includes traffic generation and “driving eyeballs” to web properties and similar venues – as well as lead generation. Lead generation refers to the acquisition and management of tangible, quantifiable sales leads, as defined by the sales and marketing organizations. So lead gen is seen as a subset of demand gen, and lead acquisition & lead management as subsets of lead gen. Though others in this marketplace may have different views”.



Ryan Vong

Sr. Manager, Demand Generation at Callidus Software

“Good questions and I’m sure it’s not the first time that it comes up. Here’s my understanding of how these terms differ from a practitioner’s perspective.
Demand generation encompasses all phases tied to “demand” which is synonymous with revenue.
These phases happen from seed – lead (getting folks who are looking to actually sign up for something). I attribute a lot of awareness building activities to this phase.
Lead -Opp is where the lead gen, lead management processes happen. Now that you have a “known” lead or identified the person what do you do to get them to convert?
The lead gen part of it is to understand if an opportunity exists. Is it a qualified lead?
The lead management part of it is how one handles the lead moving through a set of stages. What if it’s not ready? Does the lead need to be nurtured and with what type of content?
Opp-Customer is where one would accelerate the sales cycle. Now that a qualified lead moves to a “sales ready” state (i.e has an opportunity) what do you do to help move it along?
Customer Nurturing – What sort of programs are in place for upsell, cross-sell, referrals and general customer happiness?”

Elizabeth Zennadi 

B2B Sales and Marketing Pro

“For most intents and purposes, Demand Gen and Lead Gen are pretty much the same. However, I tend to think of Demand Gen as being the result of an Inbound inquiry/interest for one’s product/service versus Lead Gen as the result of more proactive efforts to communicate with prospects. Lead Management is how you handle the prospective client through the sales process”.

Karrthik Shettyy 

Business Development at INTEGRITYCollabis

“Demand Generation: Are you hungry?
Lead Generation: Will you buy my burger?
Lead Management: Why is my burger better than others?”


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