Il potere dello storytelling

Il potere dello storytelling

Vorrei condividere con voi un interessante infografic, tratto da NCM Fathom, sul potere dello storytelling:

Fathom-Infographic Storytelling

Nel white paper realizzato da Fhantom, Bold Brands – Drive Revenue with Storytelling, è stato scritto:

Business-to-Business marketers are redefining the idea that “content is king”. Yes, content is still critical. But today, successful brands are finding that the most powerful content tells a story.

All our lives we learned from stories. As children, stories were read to us. As adolescents, we read stories to learn and imagine. As adult, we experience stories in a variety of media to escape and relax, be entertained, enhance our knowledge and better ourselves.

Marketers know that good stories can help build loyalty, solidify culture and solve problems, but the degree of success comes down to execution: telling the right stories, in the right way, in the right context.

E ancora:

Traditional stories include a beginning, middle and end. Compelling business stories are also constructed linearly. But, unlike purely entertaining or informative stories, these stories add more element to the structure – a call to action. That is what is unique to storytelling in business. Business communications also follow what is called a “dramatic curve”, a four-act structure which leads to resolution and ultimately to a call to action.

imageFonte: NCM Fathom 


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